This Tender Land

This Tender Land

William Kent Krueger

2020, Altria.

We bought ourselves a subscription from an independent bookstore this year, and this was our first selection. It is nice to have just a few, good choices and to pick one each month.

I really enjoyed this novel about a group of young people who escape from a depression-era boarding school in Minnesota. The book does a good job of showing the horrors that young Native Americans faced in such facilities. There is a great adventure as the kids proceed downstream attempting to leave behind a very bleak school and plenty of difficulties (difficulties which spurred their departure).

As the adventure unfolds, there are some interesting twists and fascinating characters. The young people deal with challenges that are well beyond their years with courage, and in ways that help the reader reflect. Definitely a fun read.

That said, there was a character development in the last section that didn’t do much for me (I’m just not sure that it added to the story). And I sorta wished it had ended before the Epilogue. Granted, I’m a sucker for the way the Epilogue wrapped everything up–not happy endings, believable ones–but the novel could have stopped so well at the end of the last chapter.

All in all, a really enjoyable coming of age novel. I do love a coming of age novel.

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